Spotify Premium Apk Final + Mod [Cracked] [No Root] for android


 Spotify Premium Apk Final + Mod [Cracked] [No Root] for android

Spotify Premium Apk Final + Mod [Cracked] [No Root] for android
Spotify Music is one of the best and most popular and downloaded Google Play app in music download for Android devices, which is offered for free on Google Play with in-app payments, and has been downloaded 100,000,000 times by Android users around the world. It has been downloaded

Stream free albums and songs, search for a song, discover music, download songs and podcasts with Spotify free streaming app and music player.

Free Streaming, Music Search, and Traffic Library - Spotify is all that and much more.

Play songs, sync music, discover free music and albums with Spotify, your favorite music download tool.

Spotify also offers thousands of podcasts, including the originals that you can't find anywhere else.

Find song and music albums just like on music store but for free.

Hear free music from leading artists and popular albums, or download songs to create your own favorite playlist. Find the best album on Spotify and play it again and again.

Searching for music is easy with Spotify. Discover music, find a song, play and enjoy music.

Stream albums of music from your favorite musician and artist. Discover the top albums from your favorite artists, including Adele, Rihanna, and many more. You will find them all on this free music download and streaming app.

Pop, Jazz, Latin, Classical, Garage, Heavy Metal, and more - Spotify is like a mega music store but totally free! Enjoy your favorite album and music.

Streaming music via Spotify is free. Play music, download songs, discover music, and create a ready-made playlist that suits your mood. Even get free custom recommendations.

Spotify Features:

Free streaming on mobile phone or tablet
• Find music, play songs, stream albums, and songs from all your favorite artists
• Listen to free music with song downloader and music player to create your own playlist
• Play music and switch on random mode for a fun experience
• Stream radio stations and play music from all over the world
• Play music with Spotify Connect music player on PC, laptop, smart TV, TV Streamer or PlayStation®
• Download popular songs and music - Spotify all you need

Discover music and create a playlist
• Music streaming is more fun with your own playlist
• Discover music and play songs that have just been released
Find music, play songs and music albums from one of Spotify's exclusive playlists for any popular music genre or artist
• Play free music and albums with personalized music recommendations
Download new songs and music with Song Downloader - Downloading songs is easy with Spotify

Download and listen to songs offline with Spotify Premium
• Download free songs and albums from your favorite top artists and band
• Music streaming to all your favorite and trending musicians with amazing sound quality
• Listen to the album you love anytime, anywhere
• Download new music and play your favorite songs offline on any device - mobile phone, tablet or computer
• No ads or commercials, just continuous music
• No commitment - you can cancel anytime you want
Use Spotify Connect to play free music and albums on wifi speakers from the likes of Bose, Sonos, and Denon and even use your voice to play Spotify on Amazon Echo and Dot

Find music, play songs, music albums and songs of all genres:
• Dance music
• traditional rock music
• Hip Hop
• Rap beats
• Pop songs
• National or national music
• disco
• Kpop
• And more!

Streaming music wherever you are. Listen to your favorite songs and discover new music with the Spotify app.

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Please note: This app features Nielsen's audience measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, such as Nielsen's audio metering. If you do not want to participate, you can unsubscribe in the application settings. To learn more about our digital audience measurement products and your choices regarding them. 

Duolingo: Learn Languages Free 4.93.5 Apk Full/Unlocked for android


Duolingo: Learn Languages Free 4.93.5 Apk Full/Unlocked for android

Duolingo: Learn Languages Free 4.93.5 Apk Full/Unlocked for android
There are many different ways and means to learn foreign languages ​​with which you can learn different languages. Today at Farsroid, we will introduce a new and popular app called Duolingo, which is designed for Android OS, with which you can easily learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and English in a beautiful and entertaining environment. Learn!

Do you want to learn Spanish or Latin for your studies, French, Japanese or German for your career, dream of reading books in their original version, or simply enjoy learning a new language ... Use Duolingo to make language learning fast, effective and fun!

5 Reasons To Download Duolingo:

- Free: The free app will help you learn the language of your choice, a fun lesson every time.

- Fun: Lessons designed like mini-games! Practice new words and expand your vocabulary with one quick lesson per day.

Valid: 34 hours on Duolingo equivalent to a semester at university level. Learn Spanish and cover enough vocabulary for a Spanish language holiday in a few weeks! Or learn Latin on the app to prepare for a school exam.

Fast: One lesson takes on average 5 minutes. Learn French on the go and make it even more fun!

- Easy to use: each lesson is short and fun.

Duolingo: the best way to practice writing and listening to expand your vocabulary and learn French, English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, German, Portuguese, Italian and many other languages. And now you can also learn Latin, Arabic, Welsh, Scottish Gaelic, Irish and Russian!

Editor's Choice and "The Best Ever" —Google Play

- “Best Language Learning App” —Wall Street Journal

- "This free app and website is among the most effective language learning techniques I've tried ... The lessons come in the form of brief challenges - speaking, translating, answering multiple choice questions - that keep me coming back for more." -New York times

1Tap Cleaner Pro (clear cache, history log) 3.89 Apk for android


 1Tap Cleaner Pro (clear cache, history log) 3.89 Apk for android

1Tap Cleaner Pro (clear cache, history log) 3.89 Apk for android
1Tap Cleaner Pro is a popular and powerful program to clear browser cache and search history to optimize Android phones, which is currently selling for $ 1.99 in the Play Store, and we decided to buy the latest paid version. Present it to you and delight your Android app follower by offering it for free.

1-Click to clean all cache, search logs, default settings, and SD card.

Are you out of app storage space?
Now you can get more available storage space by clearing apps created in cache / data files.

*** Over 5,000,000 downloads! ***

★ Cache cleaner
★ History Cleaner
★ Call log / text cleaner
★ Defaults Cleaner
★ SD Cleaner

There are 5 cleaners included in this app. Cache Cleaner, History Cleaner, and Call / Text log Cleaner help you get more space for internal phone storage by clearing cached application files, data files or search / navigation history logs. If you have chosen to run apps by default for some actions. Defaults Cleaner helps you to clear default settings. SD Cleaner helps delete unwanted files from SD card.

Automatic or one-click to wipe all cache and search history and the best is that you don't have to root the phone anymore! This app is important for anyone who has problems managing memory.

★ One click to clear all cached files
★ One click to clear all search history and browser navigation records
★ List all default apps and clear selected default settings
★ Home screen widget showing cache and available size
★ Auto wipe all cache and history at a specified time period
★ Automatically clear cache when device is low on internal storage
★ Clear cache or history for a specific app
★ Notification if apps are using cache size greater than the value you specified
★ List of apps either by cache, data, icon, total size, or app name
★ Show the app on the market
★ Uninstall the application
★ Open the application
★ Show application details page

Required Permissions:
* READ_HISTORY_BOOKMARKS, WRITE_HISTORY_BOOKMARKS: Show and clear browser navigation history records
* Internet: to send the crash report
* GET_PACKAGE_SIZE, PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS: Get app size information
* BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE: This app uses Accessibility services to automate functionality (such as clearing cache), optional. It helps those who find it difficult to eavesdrop and complete the task easier
* WRITE_SETTINGS: Prevent screen rotation during automatic function
* SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW: Draw a wait screen over other applications during the automatic function

The same functionality as "1Tap Cleaner Free", but the ad has been removed and more auto-wipe interval options added.

For the user guide, FAQ, please click Menu> Settings> About for details.

*** Note for Android 4 (ICS) users ***
* Cache Cleaner will not work with Android 4.0.1 / 4.0.2 due to Android system bug. Google fixed this issue in 4.0.3
* Android 4.0.x does not enable third apps to clear frequently called history. Google fixed this issue in Android 4.1

You have to install this app on the phone storage if you want to use the widget function. It is required by Android.

We have been chosen as the Google I / O 2011 Developer Sandbox partner, for its innovative design and advanced technology.

Nova Launcher 7.0.14 Apk Full Prime + Mod + Tesla Unread for android


 Nova Launcher 7.0.14 Apk Full Prime + Mod + Tesla Unread for android

Nova Launcher 7.0.14 Apk Full Prime + Mod + Tesla Unread for android
Nova Launcher Prime is one of the most beautiful, professional and oldest Android launchers that TeslaCoil Software has been developing professionally for several years, and according to most friends and even me, it is one of the best launchers. Its popularity can be attributed to its really high customization capabilities! By installing this launcher on your android device, you can give the best alternative home screen for your smartphone.

Nova Launcher is a powerful, customizable and versatile home screen alternative. Nova offers advanced features to enhance your home screens, but it's still a great easy-to-use option for everyone. Whether you want to repair your entire home screens or are looking for a cleaner and faster home launcher, Nova is the answer.
Latest Features: Nova brings latest Android launcher features to all other phones.
Custom icon themes: Nova supports thousands of icon themes available on Play Store.
• Night mode and dark theme: Make the night mode automatically turn on at a specified time, or just leave it to get a dark look.
Customizable app drawer: vertical or horizontal scrolling, page effects, card options or immersive options are just a few of the things you'll find available for the app drawer.
Sub-grid mode: With the ability to pick up icons and tools between grid cells, it's easy to get an accurate feel and layout using Nova in a way that is impossible with most other launchers.
Backup and restore: Switching from phone to phone or trying new Home screen settings is quick thanks to Nova's backup and restore feature. Backups can be stored locally or saved in the cloud for easy portability.
Speed: Nova has been greatly improved, with smooth and fast animations that even old phones will feel fast and smooth.

Do more with Nova Launcher Prime
Unleash the full potential of Nova Launcher with Nova Launcher Prime:

Gestures: Swipe, pinch, double tap and more on the Home screen to execute custom commands.
App drawer groups: Create custom tabs or folders in the app drawer for a more organized feel.
Hide apps: Remove apps from the app drawer without uninstalling them.
Custom icon swipe gestures: Set home screen icons or folders swipe gestures for custom actions.
• ... and more. More scrolling effects, unread counts, and more.

This app uses the device administrator permission for an optional screen off / lock function.

Textra SMS 4.35 Apk (Pro) for android


Textra SMS 4.35 Apk (Pro) for android

Textra SMS 4.35 Apk (Pro) for android
As you can see, the SMS section in Android phones has a simple and boring user interface, and so far we have provided many applications in the field of managing this section, and all of them are the best. In this regard, we intend to introduce the powerful and popular Textra SMS manager software, which, with its good looks and unique features, can be the best alternative to Android phone messaging section.

Do you want a beautiful, fast and highly customizable alternative to your Android messaging app?

Well today is your day simply wonderful Textra!

It comes with a bunch of cool features, especially 180+ multi-dimensional design themes, bubble colors, and app icon. Auto Dark & ​​Light & Night Modes, Multiple Bubble Patterns, Scheduled (future) SMS & MMS, Pause While Sending, Swipe to Delete, Slide to Call, Quick Camera, Multi-Selection Gallery, Quick Reply to SMS Popup, Cool MMS, Group Messages, Quick Voice Memos, GIFs, 21 Text Size, Message Blocker / Blacklist, End-to-End Auto Photo & Video Compression, plus more!

Customize your favorite theme, bubble colors, signatures, and notifications (icon shape, LED color, sound, vibration, privacy, reminders and mute) for each contact as well.

Get the latest emojis (2900+) Android, Twitter, Emoji One and iOS including diversity (skin tone). Simply choose your favorite emoji style and express yourself!

Check out this review by a YouTube influencer and tech enthusiast at V = 8GljSuG1a_Q

New: Copy partial text inside a bubble, tap a bubble to check out this cool new feature!

It is very distinctive. Try it, tell your friends, shout from the treetops, but most of all enjoy it.

All Textra features are free forever. Sometimes, you will see an ad, or you can choose to make a one-time in-app purchase to remove ads forever.

Support, Knowledge Base & Comments @

simple. Beautiful. Quickly


Retrica – The Original Filter Camera 7.4.0 Apk (Full/Cracked) for android


 Retrica – The Original Filter Camera 7.4.0 Apk (Full/Cracked) for android

Retrica – The Original Filter Camera 7.4.0 Apk (Full/Cracked) for android

Retrica - Selfie, Sticker, GIF - Retrica - Selfie, Sticker, GIF is a popular software for photographing and adding amazing effects to Android photos released by Venticake Studios and viewed more than 500 million times so far. Android users around the world have received Google Play, one of the most downloaded and best rated camera software!

Do you want to take a souvenir photo with your artistic or creative intent?

With Retrica, it's easy and perfect.

Launch Retrica, choose a filter and take a photo.

Take amazing, adorable photos and selfies!

Retrica is a camera app with a variety of filters to save your best moments.

Meet the new Retrica original filter pack - Univisium

Add cinematic settings from 60 to 70 to your photos. Try the 2: 1 aspect ratio!

Easy, simple and wonderful

The improved user interface makes capturing photos and videos with Retrica an easy, simple and fun experience. Retrica also provides a variety of aspect ratios, zoom blur and timestamp effects, so you can create original and original content.

• Beautiful camera filters for any occasion

You can see over 190 filters applied in real time, before taking your photos - meaning you can take photos and videos as you wish without additional editing. Exclusive filters are released to all premium members.

Multiple different looks

Do you need to make your colors stand out? Want to wash off the beach look? How about some old camera light leakage? Whether you want retro or hip, Retrica has you covered. Double tap to adjust each look to just the right amount.

• Get a future look at the tire

Retrica proudly presents an "inspiration" consisting of "View Finder" and "Insight". View Finder lets you share the photos you took with Retrica, allowing you to share your unforgettable moments. Insight provides fun and easy-to-understand tutorials on colors, lights, and images that you can try with Retrica.


ES File Explorer File Manager Apk + Mod for android


ES File Explorer File Manager Apk + Mod for android
ES File Explorer File Manager Apk + Mod for android

Overall, there are many file management software for Android, some of which we have provided so far, and almost all of them were the best. Today we will introduce a powerful and high capacity file management software called ES File Explorer File Manager, which managed to score 4.7 points in the market and with over 130 million downloads, is becoming more and more popular among other file management programs.

ES File Explorer is a great tool for managing files and programs.

ES File Explorer (File Manager) is a free, full-featured file manager (apps, documents and multimedia) for both local and network use! With more than 300 million users worldwide, ES File Explorer (File Manager) is the most powerful Android File Manager in the world.

Features of ES File Explorer (File Manager):
★ File Manager: Click to install applications, check zip files
★ Multimedia Explorer: Click to play music / video, check image (photos) and document (documents)
★ Cloud Storage: Supports Dropbox,, Sugarsync, Google Drive, OneDrive (SkyDrive), Amazon S3, Yandex and more cloud platforms.

Features and Benefits of ES File Explorer (File Manager):
► File Manager: Manage your files just like you would on desktop or laptop with multi-select, cut / copy / paste, move, create, delete, rename, search, share, send, hide, create shortcut and bookmark. All operations can be performed on local files (on your Android device) or even remotely (from your computer over a network)
Application manager: categorize, uninstall, backup and create shortcuts for your applications
► Remote File Manager: When this feature is enabled, you can manage files on your phone from your computer
Built-in ZIP and RAR support: Allows you to compress and decompress ZIP files, decompress RAR files, and create encrypted ZIP files (AES 256 bit)
Built-in viewers and players for different file types: including photos, music, and video clips; Supports third-party applications like Quick Office for better productivity
► Thumbnails displays: for APK files and images
Text viewers and editors
► Access your home computer: through your smartphone via WiFi with SMB
► Functions as FTP and WebDAV client: Manage files on FTP, FTPS, SFTP and WebDAV servers just like you manage files on your SD card
file Bluetooth File Browser: You can copy and paste files between Bluetooth ready devices. ES File Explorer (File Manager) supports OBEX FTP for browsing devices and transferring files between Bluetooth devices
► Kill tasks with one click, increase memory and speed up your device: Includes a simple widget that stays on your home screen to notify you of your current RAM status and automatically pauses tasks, with an ignore list to ignore the apps you want keep running. Task management module is required for this feature.
►Cache Cleaner and Auto-start Manager: Delete unwanted files taking up valuable storage space. Task management module is required for this feature.
Root Explorer: The ultimate set of file management tools for root users. It provides access to the entire file system and all data directories, and allows the user to change permissions.
► Supports multiple languages: English, Russian, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Czech, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Tamil, Catalan, Turkish, Lithuanian, Portuguese and more ...

- Improved graphics and clean resources for fast loading
- Remove ads
- Banner ad layout has been removed
- All advertising calls removed from activity
- All banner ads layout removed in tablet mode
- The original admob + mopub banner layout has been removed
- Lock screen ads resize to 0
- Real time screen unlocked
- The theme selector has been unlocked
- SMB 2.0 unlocked
- Hidden system files are locked
- Forced startup ads disabled page
- Gift icon removed from Es Swipe
- Analytics disabled

Google Play Store 23.6.16 Apk (Full Patched) for android


 Google Play Store 23.6.16 Apk (Full Patched) for android

Google Play Store 23.6.16 Apk (Full Patched) for android
Google Play Store - Google Play Store is the official program of the Google Play Store (Android Market - App Store) that allows Android users to easily access this application store and the ability to easily access the features of this application. Use the store and download the latest games and apps.

Google apps

Google Play is your one-stop shop for all your favorite entertainment. With over 450,000 apps, millions of songs, books, and thousands of movies, Google Play has something for everyone.

There are three ways to install it:

Use Google Play Store apk
Using the installer (recommended)
With the Xposed Installer: (also for Lollipop users)
Method 1: Instructions for using the corrected Google Play Store apk

Install the latest version of Lucky Patcher
Run Lucky Patcher> Menu> Select "Patch to Android"
Select √ “Signature Verify always True” and “Disable Zip Signature Verify”> Apply> Yes
After restarting, go to "Patch to Android" and select (Patch to be applied). If Exit Lucky patcher is applied. Otherwise, do the third step again.
Back up your current Google Play with Titanium backup if you want to restore original version in case.
Rename the downloaded Google Patched apk file and move it to sd card. For GingerBread users> Rename to "Vending.apk" for ICS / Jelly Bean users> Rename to "PhoneSky.apk"
Open root explorer and copy / replace the renamed apk to the folder "/ system / app /"
Set permissions rw-r - r– and restart
Completed. All applications on the device are with LVL licensed. (Tested on GoldenDict, PowerAmp, and others)
Method 2: Stabilizer Use Instructions (Recommended)

Install, run and reboot

Method 3: Using Xposed Installer: (Also for Lollipop users)

Install Lucky Patcher
Install and install the Xposed Installer from within the app
In Xposed Installer, enable Lucky Patcher Module
Open Lucky Patcher / Option / Xposed Setting
Enable all or whichever you prefer
Important note for XPOSED users
The core.jar and services.jar patcher is not needed. Just use Lucky Patcher Module. Lucky Patcher module is more stable than manual method patching.

Languages: be, en, ru, uk
Architects: arm7 +
- Graphics are deeply improved
- a clean statement
Disrupting advertising services and resetting advertising spaces
- {NEW} Added a compilation with two patches: lvl via lucky and disabling the application security check (so as not to - - request patcher patch and others like it)
- Very original signature
Pressure: Ultra + Zipalign

WPS Office – Free Office Suite for Word,PDF,Excel 13.3.2 Apk (Premium/Adfree) for android


 WPS Office – Free Office Suite for Word,PDF,Excel 13.3.2 Apk (Premium/Adfree) for android

RevAPK - Download Games and Applications Mod Pro Android

Applications / productivity

WPS Office - Free Office Suite for Word, PDF, and Excel 13.3.2 Apk (Premium / Adfree) for Android

WPS Office - Free Office program for Word, PDF and Excel

By REVAPK Posted January 15, 2021

WPS Office - Free Office Suite for Word, PDF and Excel 13.3.2 Apk (Premium / Adfree) for Android

By installing WPS Office on your tablet or Android phone, you can view and edit all Office files in DOC, DOCX, TXT, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX and PDF formats. This program has received unparalleled acceptance in the Android Market and has been downloaded hundreds of millions of times by Android users around the world, which is a sign of its popularity with Android phone owners.

Over 1.3 billion downloads

Google Play Best of 2015

WPS Office - Free Office Suite for Word, PDF and Excel is an all-in-one office suite that integrates Word, PDF, Excel, PowerPoint and forms as well as cloud storage, template gallery, editing and online sharing. Also, WPS Office can work perfectly with Google Classroom, Zoom, Slack and Google Drive, which makes your online work and study more efficient and stable.

WPS Office - Free Office Suite for Word, PDF and Excel from Android will make your small online office. For remote work, online study, office work, e-learning, etc., WPS Office can be the # 1 choice.

As a professional word processor, WPS Office is compatible with MS Office 365 but is free in basic functions, smarter and lighter.

Features of WPS Office

The powerful Office Suite software on your Android device

• Compatible with MS Office 365 (Word, PowerPoint and Excel), Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Adobe PDF, and OpenOffice.

• Integration with document, spreadsheets, presentation and PDF

Scan, view, edit and convert PDF on your Android device

• Free PDF Reader, makes it possible to open, view, share and annotate PDF files anywhere and on any device

Free to convert all office documents (word, text, excel, PowerPoint, doc) to PDF files

• Scan paper documents / convert images to PDF files

• PDF annotation support

• Support PDF Signature, PDF / Split Extract, Merge PDF, PDF to Word / Excel / PPT

• Easy to add and remove watermark in PDF files

Over 30 practical jobs for premium WPS members

• Share bookmarks for documents

File miniaturization, extraction and merging

Remove ads

Convert image to Doc, Sheets and PPT

• File recovery and file repair

• Change reading background

Create PowerPoint on your Android device

• Dozens of diagrams, animations and transition effects

• Create PowerPoint using WIFI, NFC, DLNA, and Miracast

• Touch-controlled laser pointer, the ink feature allows you to draw on slides during presentation mode

Powerful papers and forms on your Android device

• Pre-defined formats let you do basic data and digital playback more easily

• Create a questionnaire on various topics freely

Google Drive support on your Android device

Automatically save documents to the cloud: Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Evernote and OneDrive.

• Easy access to office documents and direct editing

A solution to work remotely on your Android device

• Free 1G cloud storage, support for editing and file sharing online, easy to create and join the Cloud team

Easy sharing of office documents via WIFI, NFC, DLNA, email, instant messaging, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook and Twitter

Supports 51 languages ​​and all Office file formats on WPS Office

File Formats: doc, docx, wpt, dotm, docm, dot, dotx / xls, xlsx, xlt, xltx, csv, xml, et, ett / PDF / ppt, pot, dps, dpt, pptx, potx, ppsx / txt / log, lrc, c, cpp, h, asm, s, java, asp, bat, bas, prg, cmd, Zip

Variety of value-added products in-app for WPS Office

• Pack of Authorized Fonts and Exclusive Presentation Templates.

Converting texts into good images.

Subscriptions and Permissions

Billing License: We offer a variety of value-added services to Premium members and Form members, including removing ads, editing PDF, font package, template downloading, etc.

Regulating the refund: a subscription service whose subscription period is more than 30 days, and a full refund request will be accepted within 30 days of the subscription, and no refund will be accepted after 30 days of subscription.

Position permission: We equip additional services (such as weather information) and features. It will be available to specific users based on location.

Now available on PC and Mac for free, follow the link:

Support page : http: //

Join us now!


AirBrush: Easy Photo Editor 4.8.3 Apk Full/Unlocked for android


 AirBrush: Easy Photo Editor 4.8.3 Apk Full/Unlocked for android

AirBrush: Easy Photo Editor 4.8.3 Apk Full/Unlocked for android

AirBrush: Easy Photo Editor Full Unlocked is the title of a professional photo editing and retouching app released by Meitu (China) Limited for Android. The toolkit provided by this program helps its users to retouch their personal photos without requiring any special knowledge and eliminate all their shortcomings. A user favorite is removing any skin issues in their selfies, helping you to share close-ups in closed angle.

Who said we couldn't achieve perfection in our photos? We believe all users should have the best editor and filter technology at their fingertips, and AirBrush is constantly updated with new features and effects to stay up-to-date with editing standards. AirBrush is designed to be the ultimate photo editor with easy-to-use retouch tools, cool filter options, and natural, great results!


Remove blemishes and pimples

** Say goodbye to pimples and blemishes! With our blemish remover, you can get rid of unwanted pimples and spots with the press of a finger. Add a touch of blush to add radiance and charm.

Teeth whitening and eyes open

** Teeth whitening takes your smile to the next level! Our teeth whitening function allows you to lighten your smile without over-bleaching.

** The "Brightness" function optimizes your eyes to instantly brighten your features.

Perfect complexion in every photo

** Retouch, adjust and even tan to achieve the perfect glowing perfection in just a few simple swipes! Your skin will look naturally radiant in all of your selfies and pics! For an added bonus, pull on a blush or blush to give your cheeks an extra glow.

Slim, Reshape & Lengthen your selfie or photo

** You can instantly slim, lengthen or reshape any area of ​​your image with simple strokes of your finger.

Technical retouching features

** In addition to HD editing features, AirBrush Editor also includes tools that allow you to blur, crop, stretch, slim, and adjust your photos for an artistic, beautiful and dramatic touch Choose to retouch your photos automatically or fix them manually.

Add depth and elegance to your photos

** Our “Blur” editing tool lets you retouch any photos to give them more depth and keep only important things in focus. Your photos and pictures will embody the awesome perfection we see in professional photography.

Real-time editing technique

** Edit your selfie before taking photo with real-time editing tools. See your snapshot on your phone, choose adjustments and filters, then snap the photo for perfect photos every time!

Natural and bright filters

** AirBrush beauty filters are professionally designed to optimize best photos and selfies for a perfect, beautiful finish. Some filters can add natural makeup to your photos, like blush or mascara!

Ready to share?

** This is the editing tool that really makes your image ready for sharing. When you're done editing, share your pics on popular social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat directly from AirBrush!

Follow us on our official accounts and share our selfies, photos and comments!