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Ninja’s Creed: 3D Sniper Shooting 2.0.1 (Full) Apk + Mod Android



Ninja’s Creed: 3D Sniper Shooting 2.0.1 (Full) Apk + Mod Android

Ninja’s Creed: 3D Sniper Shooting 2.0.1 (Full) Apk + Mod Android


   Ninja's Creed is a fun free 3D real sniper assassination game with different types of assassination weapons.  You will feel a really powerful shooting experience and the best cool 3D graphics.  You need to hide your identity, take down criminal gangs in secret, disrupt secret agreements or assassinate the main leaders of the crime forces to become the king of each region!  Smash them all!  It is the first shooter game to combine elements of a ninja assassin in 2020. Set your target and take down evil with an arrow, to become the hidden protector of the city!  Be the hero, you are the expert shooter!

   To play:

   Track targets, disrupt secret deals, and complete assassination missions

   Use the eagle eye to lock the target
   Help the organization to eliminate the enemies and earn your reward

   Eliminate the leaders of the criminals and eliminate the evil in the city.

   Rule the territories, protect the citizens and get the taxes they owe

   Get rewards and buy powerful weapons

   Open talent system and skill enhancement


   Free epic sniper adventure games with archer shooting elements!  You can play for free without any payment!

   Best cool game graphics, cool 3D characters, cool maps, and slow motion shooting.

   Excellent popular game and level design, experience real archer and sniper ninja race.

   The first person to shoot games with smooth motion, bring you non-stop motion experience.

   A variety of powerful weapons are available to use such as bows, arrows, bows, crossbows, hidden weapons, etc.  Build your arsenal.

   Rich gameplay and modes such as main story, hunting menu, daily missions, control, gun conflict, bounty hunter, etc.  You can't stop playing.

   Using Eagle-eyed will help you secure objectives in missions.

   Unlock talents to improve archery skills and enhance the power of the assassin.

   Use the strategy to eliminate the evil gangs, eliminate injustice, stay alive and become the king of archers.

   The development team seamlessly combined a variety of items like a ninja assassin, shooting skills, archer weapons, shooting and fps survival missions, then this unique shooting killer game was born!  You can call it bow and arrow, killer, cool fps action, or casual game!  It is easy to play, using the new slow arrow special effects technology, giving you a different shooting experience every time you shoot.

   Ninja's Creed is definitely the first bow and arrow action adventure game you've been waiting for.  As a ninja launcher, you not only need shooting skills, but you also need powerful weapons to improve your strength.  We chose a different weapon this time except for the rifle, although there are no weapons in this popular shooting game, you can choose the right weapon from many different weapons.  There are three types of weapons in the game, the bow, the crossbow and the hidden weapon, try these weapons and upgrade them, choose the right weapon, kill the thieves among the enemies, eliminate the bosses like the bow master or the shooter  ninja!  Attention, you need to find a strategy to eliminate bosses!  Be wary of the impostor among your companions, protect yourself, stay alive in missions!  Choosing the right weapon in different missions will help you complete the mission faster!  Aim your goal, become the king of archers!  Start your adventure!  Try this amazing shooting game now!  Get into the ninja role-playing game!  Be the first to control these areas, protect the city and justice!  Point and shoot, smash them all!

   what's new

   * Improved game rules in the arena, PvP battles will be more balanced!
   * New PVP rewards added!  You can get it for free!
   * Improved localization in the game, bring you a better game experience!
   * Improved game performance, smoother to play!

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