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Shadow of Death Mod Apk (Crystals/Souls) Android



Shadow of Death Mod Apk (Crystals/Souls) Android

Shadow of Death Mod Apk (Crystals/Souls) Android

A new saga of dark fairies

   Shadow of Death - Knight-style shadow fighting game.  Unite against the shadow of war and save the lost kingdom.  Fight Shadow now!

   Play a pocket fantasy RPG on the go!  Beyond the limits of mobile games, Shadow of Death is an offline knight game, no internet experience required.  Fight however you like, as players can choose from 4 unique Shadow Knights, multiple game modes, and tons of rare armor sets to conquer a hostile dark world.

   Get out that black sword, gather some friends, and cut through the shadows today!

   Stickman shadow fighter

   Choose your stickman shadow fighter and delve into a powerful skill tree and deep inventory system that encourages endless combat experiences and customizations.  We have the soul of a little boy in huge armor, what other offline knight games can top that?

   Conquer the darkness Shadow Legends style

   Inspired by classic fighting games and modern RPGs, Shadow Battle is a high octane mix of magic and weapons based on a smash and slash game.

   The touch screen interface offers various options to create combat strategies and destroy enemies.  The special Shadow Battle system is accessible to any gamer, yet deep enough to satisfy even the most exciting RPG fan.  What are you waiting for?  Get that dark and mysterious sword and plunge into the darkness!

   A beautiful ruined world

   Powered by an all-new graphics engine and animation system, players will say, "I can't believe this isn't a console game."  That's right, this game looks good!  The gothic fantasy world of Aurora, optimized for mobile gaming, has been uniquely optimized to bring incredible magical effects and epic combat sequences to life.

   Play anywhere and anytime

   We put "pocket" in RPGs and pocket action games!  Select a customizable dark knight to continue experiencing the thrill of shadow fighting anywhere and anytime as Shadow of Death: Dark Knight is an offline knight game.  You don't need to be online to play your shadow fighter.

   Challenge the kingdom of shadows

   When defeating the Shadow Monsters no longer cuts them, fight in the Shadows online!  Compete for supreme supremacy as a shadow battle with other players in the arena.
   Stickman shadow war is escalating, will you accept the challenge?  Play this shadow fighter game now!

   what's new

   New in Shadow of Death version

   ✔️ Store UI update
   improve performance
   Bugs fixed

   Our development team is constantly improving the game to provide better mobile entertainment.  Thanks for playing and we hope you continue to support future Shadow of Death updates.

   Mega mode:

   Unlimited crystals
   Unlimited lives
   Unlimited tickets
   Unlimited boosters
   Unlimited exp
   The highest level
   Each letter is open
   All ability is open