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Pixel Rush – Epic Obstacle Course Game Mod Apk 1.1.0 (Star) Android



Pixel Rush – Epic Obstacle Course Game Mod Apk 1.1.0 (Star) Android

Pixel Rush – Epic Obstacle Course Game Mod Apk 1.1.0 (Star) Android

A race to survive

  Control a man made of pixel blocks as he races through challenging obstacle tracks in this fun and fast-paced running game.  Attention: While Pixel Boy collides with obstacles, he will lose pixels!  Run and jump over obstacles to ensure he survives, reaching the finish line in one piece for a perfect race!  🏃

  Collect pixels and stars as you dodge all kinds of barriers to recover lost Pixel Boy body parts and level up.  But be careful!  If you knock on too many barriers, you lose all of your pixels and have to start over!  🙀☠️

  Personalize your pixels

  Keep Pixel Boy running in style with loads of customization options!  🤠 Unlock new character characters that you can decorate with a variety of clothes and other cool things.  🧢👕👖 In this 3D runner, it's up to you!  😎

  If you think fast while running, you have a chance to get new items on the obstacle course.  Be aware, though: a snag can knock your socks off - or whatever other item you're wearing - right away!  😮

  Game Features:

  ★ Easy controls but the game is challenging and dynamic.  Simply tap and swipe left or right as you dash down the track!  Practice makes for a perfect run!

  ★ Jump from launch platforms to fly over barriers on an obstacle course.  Beware of obstacles, sharp spikes, knives, swinging axes, spinning platforms, and other obstacles that can smash pixels into smithereens!  Will the Pixel Boy survive as you drive it through increasingly difficult levels?

  ★ Collect keys to get new skins so you can play as 🌳 tree, chicken, and more exotic characters!

  ★ Unlock hundreds of items in the store!  Earn stars to unlock unique new accessories to personalize your personality, including top hat, crown, gloves 🧤, stick, shoes and a whole host of other options.  R R Matte, Wouldn't you like to see Pixel Boy dressed as a pirate?  🏴‍☠️

  ★ The better your skills, the faster you can memorize enough pixels to unlock mystery chests with special rewards.  This running game takes time and focus to master, but pays off with big rewards!

  ★ Lots of opportunities to grab extra stars.  Run and jump your way through bonus levels with multipliers.  Get lucky in Chest, and you might win the jackpot!

  ★ This 3D runner will keep you hooked with its cool graphics, sound effects and fun music.  🎶

  ★ The optional vibration setting lets you feel the fun!

  Do not be a fool!  🤪 Download Pixel Rush running game now and race across an obstacle course in a quest for survival!

  what's new

  Animation for the new character has been added
  New obstacle types and new piano play
  9 new characters have been added
  Performance improvements
  Autostart in settings