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Pico Tanks: Multiplayer Mayhem 41.0.0 Apk + Mod (Unlimited Money) + Data for android


Pico Tanks: Multiplayer Mayhem 41.0.0 Apk + Mod (Unlimited Money) + Data for android
Pico Tanks: Multiplayer Mayhem 41.0.0 Apk + Mod (Unlimited Money) + Data for android

Pico Tanks: Multiplayer Mayhem - Pico Tanks: Multiplayer Battle is a very entertaining and engaging game from the Australian studio Panda Arcade, which was released for free in action style and available to Android users through Google Play.  You have to ride your own tank and compete with others.  This game is a fast-paced action title whose general process includes 3-on-3 or three-on-three team competitions.

  Pico Tanks is a fast-paced and dynamic 3v3 tank game with a strong focus on team strategy.

  Design your own unique tank with thousands of possible combinations to change the gameplay.  Team up with your friends and compete in amazing 3v3 battles across multiple maps and game modes!  Connect with your team and outsmart your enemies to claim victory in a team-focused real-time PvP battlefield.

  Fight 3v3 chaos game modes

  Clash in quick action with friends or face other players of the same rank.  Go head-to-head in intense real-time 3v3 battles with multiple modes available:

  ● Catch the Flag: Your team needs to capture and hold the flag for the longest period before time runs out.

  ● Bring cargo: A powerful tank on your team must capture the load before your opponents pull it to your base while the rest of the team defends.

  Team Deathmatch: Destroy enemy tanks to score points for your team and win the battle.

  Attack your enemies, heal your allies, hide in the jungle and raise some sheep!  Several game modes will be added in future updates.

  Final tank design

  Design tanks to suit your style and your team's tactics.  You can also swap tanks during the battle for your benefit.  Get crazy and creative design of your tank with loads of customizations!

  Satisfying weapons: Choose a weapon that suits your play style.  Like long term?  Maybe Bullseye is perfect for you.  Do you prefer short-term up close and personal?  Try the Spud-Gun (shoots fresh potatoes).

  ● Loading or light loading: Choose a tank base with the stats you need to suit your weapon of choice.  The more armor, the more abilities you can carry or blast across the battlefield.

  ● Power ups: Capabilities are in place.  Air strike to eliminate an opponent, or throw a repair pack at your friends.  This can really decide a game!

  ● Personalize your look: Your basin deserves nothing but the best in leather and tops.  Customize your tank with some character and expression.  Rip up the battlefield with a pizza cover and an air-grit made of granular rubber, and we're not going to judge.  Be crazy, show off, you look amazing!


  When the smoke clears, meet your team and adjust strategies to improve your skills.  Upgrade your tanks, climb the leaderboards, and join a dynamic community.  Open the tops and tops as you go.  Collect research to upgrade your tank bases, weapons, and abilities.  New features, game modes, maps and items will be added in future updates!

  Download Pico Tanks now for free and we'll see you in the chaos!

  Pico Tanks: Multiplayer Mayhem is free to download and play, but contains optional in-app purchases for some items with real money.

  Awards and recognition

  Winner - Gamer's Voice Award for Mobile Games, SXSW Gaming 2019

  ● Finalist - Indie Award Show, Casual Connect Europe 2019