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Overdrive City – Car Tycoon Game 1.4.28 Apk for android


 Overdrive City – Car Tycoon Game 1.4.28 Apk for android

Overdrive City – Car Tycoon Game 1.4.28 Apk for android

Overdrive City - Car Tycoon Game - Car Tycoon Game is the name of a very fun game with a fun and great theme from the prestigious and reputable Gameloft company for its simulation and management style.  The game is available for free with in-app payment capabilities for Android.  You have to decide the role of a professional businessman to build a special and different city

  Build your dream car city in Overdrive!  Build fleets of vehicles, collect a variety of iconic cars, and compete in a challenging career mode.  Grow your city into a global motorsports company and the first race champion!

  Build and collect your favorite cars
  • Manufacture of more than 50 famous car models from Lamborghini, Porsche, Ford, and other top brands!

  • Show your garage sports cars, classic cars, and supercars to everyone in your town.

  • Production of auto parts ranging from steel bolts and carbon fibers to engine blocks and propellers.

  • Personalize your car without limits for your creativity!  Create a stylized design with the vinyl editor and choose endless paint colors.

  • Upgrade your car to improve the top speed and performance on the streets and racing tracks.

  • Transfer export shipments and manage mechanical repair orders to expand your motorsports business outside your city.

  Create the perfect city for cars
  • Customize your bustling city by building dozens of decorative car items, including custom streets that feature curved asphalt lanes.

  • Assemble amazing car showrooms in your city to celebrate your passion for cars!

  • Build various auto factory buildings, production facilities, and research centers in this city building simulator.

  Be a racing champion
  • Fulfill your need for speed as a racing car driver with a fun and real racing experience inside the city building game!

  • Pedal to metal in a 6-season career mode with over 60 races then exhaust on the asphalt in racing experiences featuring over 1,000 additional races.

  • Tap your path to success by earning the fastest laps in your car, and beat the rest of the competition, to become the best racer in the world.

  Play with friends
  • Share cars and auto parts with your friends in Car City to improve factory production in your car city.

  • Visit a friend's town to see their best cars and explore city building progress!

  • Play competitive racing events!  Climb up the leaderboards to earn unique rewards for your city and cars.

  Real licensed cars
  Go off the production line with these Licensed Cars, add them to Car Maker City, upgrade them with your own garage mechanic, and compete in click races:
  Lamborghini Murcielago (2002)
  Ford Mustang GT (1968)
  • Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII (2004)
  Chevrolet Corvette Stingray (1963)
  • Nissan Skyline 72 (1972)
  Porsche 718 Cayman (2018)
  BMW M2 (2018)
  Subaru WRX STI (2018)
  •… and more!

  There are tons of other famous cars also ready to be collected!  Enjoy building them all and then transport them from the city streets of your car to the challenging racing tracks!

  Do you enjoy building the best cars, being a car factory production line manager, or turning your car city into the ultimate racing city?  Skip idle gameplay on a junk yard or farm - drive to the starting line, speed up your engine, and start click races today!  Overdrive City is a car maker game and city building game for fans of car games, city building games, businessman simulation games, car mechanic simulation games, racing manager games and racing games!

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  Build everything in Overdrive City and create the best city view in all city games!