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Idle Planet Miner 1.7.11 Apk + Mod for android


 Idle Planet Miner 1.7.11 Apk + Mod for android

Idle Planet Miner 1.7.11 Apk + Mod for android

Idle Planet Miner is one of the most interesting and interesting simulation games - one click from Iron Horse Games LLC development studio for Android, which is offered for free on Google Play and upon your request its latest update has been released with mod for download and in front of you.

  If you enjoy clicking and digging games then Idle Planet Miner is perfect for you!  Idle Planet Miner is a progressive and idle gradient clicker game that lets you control a mining ship and dig deep into the hearts of planets across the solar system!  Just start clicking to mine rare metals.  Hire special mining managers, dig deep, sell ore, craft ingots, and more!  Upgrade your mining ship and planets to increase your profits, dig valuable riches, and expand your empire through the stars.

  Searching for ore has never been more exciting!  Click to dig, then upgrade your ship and planets and hire managers to help you dig deeper and faster.  Unlock new crafting recipes, new planets, and more!  Create an empire that will extend through the stars!

  Download now and start your search for ore in one of the increasingly addicting idle clicker games!  Dig your way through the stars!

  Features of the inert planetary mine

  Idle Clicker Gameplay
  ● Idle to increase your mining rate!
  ● Tap to destroy asteroids and earn rare ore!
  ● Mine: earn coins and hire managers!

  Gradual upgrades
  ● Create an empire through the stars!
  ● Hire managers to improve your output!
  ● Develop your drilling strategy!  Unlock special projects to improve your production!

  Upgrade your mining ship
  ● Play the market: respond to supply and demand across the galaxy to maximize profits!
  ● Private enterprise and profit search!
  ● Bonuses to permanently upgrade your mining ship everywhere!

  Passive mining
  ● Earn ores and coins when not playing
  ● Quests - Complete quests to earn premium rewards

  Idle Planet Miner is the perfect add-on / idle clicker game for fans of endless fun.  Take off the job the day away from prospecting for rare metals, coins and more!

  Idle Planet Miner - Dig your way through the stars!