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Among Us 2020.11.17 b128 Apk + Mod (Full Unlocked) for Android



Among Us 2020.11.17 b128 Apk + Mod (Full Unlocked) for Android

Among Us 2020.11.17 b128 Apk + Mod (Full Unlocked) for Android

Among Us is a fun and action packed game full of intrigue.  Join the spaceship crew as they travel through space ... and discover that a deadly intruder has infiltrated aboard, hell-bent on destroying the entire crew!

   All the events of the game among Us take place in a spaceship made up of different units.  Launch a new game, either online or against the computer, and you will be assigned the role of a crewmate or charlatan, which remains a secret from other players.  If you are the impostor, your goal is to take down the entire crew by getting into them and pressing the kill button.  But if you are part of the crew, you will have to dodge the impostor and try to find out who he is ... before it's too late!

   To do this, a chat room appears with all the players after each action, where they can discuss who they suspect the scammer based on what they have seen during the game and take a vote.  Players can also interact with some objects in the ship's rooms during the game.

   Overall, Among Us is a great multiplayer game, whether you play with friends or with other players from around the world.  Climb aboard the spaceship and feel the thrill of discovering a cheater in each game!  what's new

   Balance changes:
   Communications Sabotage Hides Mission Arrows
   - The red communication light no longer responds immediately to the correct mode.

   Error correction:
   - Fixed camera launch on surveillance cameras.
   Fix inaccurate admin schedule in Polus
   - Accessible Fix Polus wall panels
   - Complete repair of a single reactor / seismic exploitation
   - Fix engine exploit alignment and crash